Stage 1 in detail:

  • Differential case: dip cleaning
  • Priming and painting of differential case
  • Replacement of all bearings, oil seals and washers on both ends
  • Installation of a new differential shaft (planet gears)
  • Replacement of crown wheel and bevel gear (3.07:1 or 2.88:1)
  • New differential case seal
  • Fine adjustment – crown wheel and pinion, axial adjustment (contact pattern)
  • By request: overhaul of differential lock (extra charge)
Jaguar IRS Rear Axle


Stage 2 in detail:

  • Stage 1 plus:
    • Overhaul of drive shafts
    • Replacement of all universal joints and safety tab washers
    • Installation of new wheel bearings inside/outside); oil seals, washers, sealing rings and bearing races
    • New wire wheel adapters
    • Replacement of all rubber parts, bolts and bushes; overhaul of all threads
    • Installation of poly bushes in half-shafts
    • Installation of new brake discs and brake linings
    • Complete overhaul of brake calipers: disassembly, all parts galvanized; piston bearing surface honed; installation of new pistons and cups; new piping, caliper seals; pressure build up test of components to 180 bar
    • Overhaul of hand-brake mechanism incl. replacement of release springs
    • Installation of new shock absorbers and coil springs
    • Overhaul of radius arms incl. new guide pins, bearings, sleeves, washers
    • Fine-adjustment